About the Book

Jeff and Susan Whitebridge, a loving couple, find themselves living the perfect life in Sonoma, California. The two own a thriving business, enjoy a loving relationship, and have been blessed with a beautiful daughter named Mary—life’s good. Everything has been going great until they get entangled in a mysterious situation. Someone has been watching them, but there’s a twist. The stalker has someone watching him and she has plans of her own. Who will be guilty in the end.

Detective Brian Routen and officer Jane Hitson take on the case. The police are led in different directions and must solve the puzzling clues. This is the story of unraveling a shrouded mystery, catching the culprit, and ultimately, revealing the hidden agenda.

Why Read It.

Who’s Guilty Now will make you stop and think about the mysterious happenings around the Whitebridge family. It is a combination of mystery and drama, keeping you glued to the edge of your seat until you finally discover the person behind the sinister situation. The detectives in charge of solving this mystery are also left confused by the twisted and hidden motive of the culprit. By the end of it, this story will leave you questioning the events that take place, no matter how tangled and intertwined they may seem. Ultimately, it will teach you to look and find that the answer was lurking there all along.

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