About the Book

Born a foster child in an unforgiving world, Jack Canton has had a miserable life. But his tragic tale doesn’t end there. Something else waits for him; the prospect of life in prison. Slowly but surely, this prospect starts to become a reality. Jack is left with only one option: to entrust his life in the hands of a former cop named Tom Portman and his court-appointed attorney, Bea Atwell. Together, they devise a plan to give Jack the one thing he desperately needs; his freedom.

Why Read It.

Turn around and Don’t Blink transports you to the world of Jack Canton as he tries to escape a life in prison with the help of an ex-cop and his court-appointed attorney. All Jack has ever known is a life of misery trapped under the confines of foster care. Will he be able to escape the never-ending tragedies or will they consume him? Only time will tell. Jack’s journey is one of struggle, adversity, and longing for a home with a family as he makes every possible move to be free.

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