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Self-doubt is that silent voice inside our heads that gives birth to unnecessary fears and insecurities. This fear has the power to break you, if you let it. The problem arises when we keep giving in to our fears and begin rationalizing this voice. This is when it urges us to do things that aren’t in line with what we truly want for ourselves. Eventually, we set ourselves on track for a significant setback.

However, when we are able to push our anxieties and concerns to the wayside by acknowledging them for what they are, we will be able to experience the most significant breakthroughs and victories of our life. No one is born from perfection; everyone has to navigate through the highs and lows of their life. Hence it is a given that we all have to face many uncertainties.

From a distance, it may seem like others are living the absolute dream life, but there will always be cause for concern, regardless of the apparent fanaticism. Take yourself as an example. If you are the best at what you do, and the world acknowledges you for it, a certain part of your life can still tap into the voice of self-doubt. Perhaps this is because when you are committed to providing the world with the very best you have to offer. At the end of the day, you will always care. You can never stop being anxious to continue serving your best.

This is not a negative aspect at all. The more we try to escape our human nature, the more difficulty we get into. The more we fool ourselves into believing that we can get through life without being affected by either the good or the terrible, the less exposed we are to danger. We should always make an effort to live our best and most courageous life, which entails being our authentic selves while working to improve ourselves on a daily basis.

If you find that you are giving in to doubts and uncertainties along your journey, take comfort in the knowledge that even the most skilled and accomplished people in the world have certain moments in their lives where they question their abilities. There is nothing wrong with that itself. Being conscious is okay, but not being able to stand up to this voice is the real problem.

Rather, you should make this voice of self-doubt your strength. The more experience you have with this sort of dread, the more competent you will be to master it and use it as a springboard for the most significant periods of personal development in your life.

To put a bookend to it, we have to keep up the battle. Even if we can’t always control how things turn out, the effort we make to influence ourselves and accept ourselves for exactly who and what we are at all times is the essence of what it means to win and to be able to keep going even when things get tough. So just face your fears head-on, put in your best effort, and use all of your energy to get what you want.


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