Sandy Jacobsen

Having always been drawn to mysteries, whether on film or in books, Sandy Jacobsen found herself writing mystery novels. She is often consumed by the stories her mind creates.

Sandy made the leap from writing corporate business communications to the unknown but exciting territory of penning intriguing, enigmatic mystery novels that are no less than absolute page-turners. Her stories provide an easy read  as her plot twists and turns leave you wanting more.

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About the Books.

Never Alone Again and This Is Who I Am are weaved using the shared thread of mystery and self-discovery. Sandy skillfully develops both the characters and plots so that the reader feels drawn into another world of intrigue and mystery.

If you love murder mysteries or whodunit mysteries, Who’s Guilty Now? is the perfect pick for you. You’ll get to join detective Brian and Officer Jane as they try to untie the web of lies that their suspects have built for them.
Turn Around And Don’t Blink leaves the readers on the edge of their seats as they root for Jack and his attorney to prove his innocence. Crime, justice, and mystery make this book a thrilling read that’s hard to put down.
Sandy’s down-to-earth writing style makes it easy for the reader to identify with a variety of characters. Her stories reflect how empathetic and devoted she is as a person, which carries over to her stories. Jacobsen’s character’s personal development makes her books even more interesting and, above all, a pleasure to read.

Why Read Them.

If you like mystery sprinkled with a healthy dose of reality, then Sandy Jacobsen’s books should be a must-have on your list! Whether they are a series or an independent read, each of her books contain exciting plots to keep the reader engaged. These edge-of-your-seat books instill a delicate balance between the plot-driving events and the emotions that come with their aftermath.